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I love Yaoi! and amusing icons.. fufufufufufufu....
..soooo... I'm sure your wonder what the 'review hp' thing is right? lol THAT would be the geek in me *grins* its currently (as accurate as i remember) all the reviews I have left for Manga or Anime on this site. lol yes it is geeky of me to do.

My Review HP
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And now... for all the current crap I'm addicted to listening to right now, from anime openings/closings to j-pop and more lol looks like you will have to click the link to have a listen, MediaWiki doesn't seem to support any type of music/video embeds.. so... CLICK!!! XD My Current Music Obsessions Enjoy! =D and if your really energetic feel free to have a listen to the 100 and something songs I am currently obsessed with in English XD My Current Eng Music Obsessions

The method of my madness (Reviews)

So, I have come to realize I seem to be the only ‘long winded’ person that reviews, but In my mind a paragraph is hardly ‘long winded’. The reason I write such long reviews is because its part of the D.I.E method, yeah I see that funny look on your face going ‘wha?’ the D.I.E method is something that was drilled into my brain in high school and again in college, basically it means when you are reviewing/critiquing something you must answer a few basic questions, because really, how much can a word or phrase like ‘wow this is good you should read it’ help anyone? Or the ever popular ‘I like it’ and that’s it.. like sure that’s all well and good but really what does that tell anyone reading your review? Um just that YOU like it and think its good. So allow me to explain why I feel that doesn’t really help anyone. Simply put what if per say someone added to the manga section but forgot or didn’t know how to put in the ‘category’ tags and no one realized anything was wrong, the person reviews and leaves something like.. ‘this is really good I loved it the story was awesome you should so read it.’ Now some unsuspecting person comes along reads that review and goes ‘ok maybe I’ll read it’ now that’s all well in good but here’s the important part.. its actually a yaoi manga and our unsuspecting person is male. Are we seeing the problem yet? So he goes and finds it online or something and the summary of the manga doesn’t mention that it’s a boyXboy kind of thing, so he reads the first few chapters and thinks ‘oh this is good’ and keeps reading, next thing he knows there’s two guys on his screen doing the nasty! Of course that is a little extreme but I feel it works well as an example, if you don’t state more than just ‘its good’ or ‘I like it/ I hate it’ then no one really knows what’s going on. Yes I know the summaries of the manga and anime are there to be read but common we all know or have run into that one summary that was just crap and may have drawn us or pushed us away from a manga/anime only to realize it was completely inaccurate. To avoid these kinds of things I try to use the D.I.E method when I review anything. This means asking yourself the few basic questions like;

Do I like this? If so why. Is the art good? Is the plot interesting or well done in some way? Is it graphic in either a sexual or gore kind of way? How do I feel about the characters and the personalities the author has given them? By answering questions like this it not only helps me leave a worth while review, but it also helps anyone that could happen across it, it lets them know right away if it may be something they want to read, if they don’t like a lot of fanservice or blood flying then it tells them right away that though I said ‘Its awesome I love it’ the rest of my review lets them know that its not something they want to read or watch. Sooooooooooo now that that’s all taken care of.. why don’t we all try to leave a little bit better of a review so that people don’t have to end up wasting there time on something they may not like.


this is just a start I will defiantly be adding more, now about the colours they are codes to let you know what kind of content may be present in the manga or anime. colour coding to know if you actually want to click or not is as follows;
Sexual Content/Mature
Yaoi (witch will obviously have some kind of sexual content XD )
Regular everyday shit, could be romantic in some way, funny, physiological etc.
Things that could be considered 'out of the norm' like gender bending and odd horror
Things that are left in black font are titles I don't know how I should label them, this could be because either they are more than one of the categories above or because it simple doesn't fit into one of those labels.

UPDATE!! I know it looks different, Michael suggested I set it up a bit better for everyone so they can click on what they want and it takes you to all those listed there.. if you noticed something that is ‘ misplaced ’ do let me know so I can fix it!☺


Regular Everyday Stuff

This is the stuff I’d say is more main stream and can be found in most of the top updates in either scans or online forums, the things in this section range from romance to comedy and a few mental reads (these make you think and question what is happening more than most manga do)

Sexual Content

obviously due to the heading these have sexual content in them, some are based mainly around sex well others are more relationship based, some are more comedic then others as well. The ones listed range from relationships and sex to the hardships of being a teenager in a position that could be awkward or “complex”.

Out Of The Norm

So, these are ones that I think are more out of the main stream readers, you can find gender benders, bloody gore, psychological and more in this section.


WOOOOOOOOOOT!!!! What I wanted to put at the top of my page but didn’t so that if someone clicks my page that doesn’t lover it as much as me they didn’t get KA-BOOM YAOI banged…hehehehe anyways here is my list of awesome-ness VIA the Yaoi world XD there is everything from full blown out man on man screen fogging action to those rather cheesy (but good) warm and fuzzys were boys just kiss and get all embarrassed * giggles * either way ENJOY!


Just a little heads up in case you didn't realize, the colour code from the manga section is the same for this section so head my colour codes! =D There are some titles you can't click on, this is because though you may find the manga on here the anime isn't so if you want to know a bit more about it just read the summery for the manga and go from there. You’ll also noticed that there is an extra subheading here, It’s the one for things that couldn’t be labeled as one of the other subheadings.

Regular Everyday Stuff

Sexual Content

Out Of The Norm


This is the section were I put the ones that I don’t really know how to label in.. if you have a better place for them do let me know! ☺


Now what I KNOW everyone’s been waiting for.. lmao YAOI!!!!!!

Editor note: DarkAvenger696 Manga list edit here.


*Sighs* Now if only I had enough money to buy all the figures I wanted.... *dreams*

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