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Manga (Japanese for comics) is very big in worldwide and has shaken the comic market in general. Largely due to Japanese impression that comics is a valid medium and not just for kids. The tradeback format which serialized series in pulp magazines has brought comics into mainstream bookstores. Now many North American publishers are catching onto the idea that people rather pay 10 bucks for 100 pages of story than 5 bucks for 22 pages of junk.

We'll be seperating stuff into categories as times and reviews come in.


.hack//G.U.+, Chikyu Misaki, FairyTail, Future Diary, Gundam Seed X Astray, Iono the Fanatics, Lucky Star Nekoten (Animal Paradise), PlanetES, Pretty Maniacs, Rosario to Vampire, Qwan, Tori Koro Densha Otoko: Gambare Doku Otoko Maria Holic


Tradebacks (North American)

Graphic Novels