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Yuuki Shinjuurou and Inga, work together to solve mysteries in a near future timeline.
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Genre: Detective, Mystery
The story is based on the works of Sakaguchi Ango (Aoi Bungaku Series' "In the Forest, Under Cherries in Full Bloom")


Toyosaki Aki as Inga, Katsuji Ryou as Yuuki Shinjuurou, Irino Miyu as Hayami Seigen, Yamamoto Nozomi as Kaishou Rie, Miki Shin'ichirou as Kaishou Rinroku, Honda Takako as Koyama Izumi



Possibly the oddest series this season (or for awhile), but is worth watching. Unless you need everything answered right away, that is. With character designs by Kouga Yun, even if I can't actually tell, it's defiantly an interesting watch. Also I need to keep watching in the hopes of learning more about Shinjuro. Featuring an ED Theme by lama (Fantasy) which is yet another highlight.


not bad. near-future detective anime with what is probably a demon. a lot of familiar elements in a fairly unique combination. watchable.

Michael Eh?

Not exactly what I expected. An interesting concept of detetive and sidekick which is no kid. I not sold on the suspense part. Maybe given a couple more episodes, I might make up my mind if I like this series or not.

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