Sousei no Aquarion

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Sousei no Aquarion

11 years has passed since Mechnical Angels fell aupon the earth. From the ashes of Atlantis comes the technology of Aquarions, a mechnized fighting machines to fight these demonic creatures from another dimension. Still they search for the one key part, a pilot who can call forth the Wings of the Sun. The wings of Solar Aquarion.


Alternative Names: Genesis of Aquarion, Holy Genesis Aquarion
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mecha, Science Fiction
Demographic: Seinen
Adapted into manga Sousei no Aquarion. Also sequel anime, Aquarion Evol.



"I don't anything with Mecha usually... but this has very Evangelion feel to it with cute characters. It feels... GOOD!"


"Sexy Bushie! Watch it! Must see! Me Like! Yay!!"


"quite enjoyable. i liked the way combat was presented. i wouldn't mind seeing more."


"interesting series. Lots of explosions, giant transforming robots, and characters shrouded in mystery. I would like to see more of the series."


"A Gundam Transformers clone. First episode in the series telling about more back story without actually showing it. I hate that."


"Quite entertaining, the usage of both animation and CG was very good. I liked it very much."


"This looks like a very promising start to a series. I loved the animation, and the story appears like it has alot to offer."


"Best giant robot show I've seen in awhile."


"I really enjoyed this anime and would watch more of it if given a chance."

Michael Eh?

"Given the good vibes from everyone else, I would say this one bites. Nothing truly *new* in this series that elements from other shows haven trodden on. Giant aliens, transforming giant mecha, lone wolf outsider which ends up 'saving the day.' They cover less background of the 'world' which the characters appear. Usually in that case, most shows make up for drama then ease into background. If this was live action show in North America, it tank in a month from such poor plot and bad acting. Just in anime, such shows work. Good anime, great animation does not translate into a great show. Still I love side B of the opening single more than I like the show."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2005

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