Solty Rei

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Solty Rei

12 years ago, an event called Blast Fall left a city in ruined. Many were injured, many more left missing. Not a trace of where they had gone. For one man, he lost his daughter. For those injured, their limbs were replaced with artifical ones. But for those who lost love ones, there was no replacement until a certain girl named Solty appeared.


Genre: Action, Drama, Mecha, SciFi



"good blend of humour and action. an interesting premise."


"This is a reasonably good example of cute noir, which is tricky because te cuteness has to be balanced by dark elements but combining these extremes makes it almost impossible to combine them into an effective storyline but I want to see what happens next."


"Good story. Good mix of sci-fi, comedy, and action."

Michael Eh?

"It's Science Fiction ... heavy on the fiction. It's not Blade Runner, the TV series. Still manages to deliver a solid cyberpunk fans their money's worth."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2005

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