Seikai Trilogy: Banner of the Stars

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Seikai Trilogy: Banner of the Stars

After his home world is ruthlessly taken over by the Abh - a space-faring race that has conquered thousands of galaxies - a boy named Jinto begins an unforgettable journey that stretches the boundaries of the final frontier. With a beautiful princess at his side, he will attempt to unlock the secret behind the Abh domination and discover that all's fair in love and interplanetary war.
from Tokyopop
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Alternative Names: Seikai Trilogy, Vol. 2: Banner of the Stars (subtitle: The Shape of Bonds)
Seikai Trilogy, Vol. 3: Banner of the Stars II (subtitle: Protecting the Precious)
Author: MORIOKA Hiroyuki, YOSHINAGA Aya
Artist: ONO Toshihiro, MIYAKOSHI Wasoh
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction
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