Scrapped Princess

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Scrapped Princess

Poison that will poison the world. So it was proclaimed. Still those who guard Pacifica thinks she is more than just a prophecy of doom but of hope.


Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Super Power


Michael Eh?

"Intrigue with well written plot which unveils through the course of the first episode. This might be difficult for viewers who like their premise of a show up front rather than think and piece things together. Fantasy world where magic is wonderfully visual. Though the plot of running away from bad religious sect might be tiring after 26 episodes, I'm sure that first episode is an indication they producers have a great story planned out."


"Hee hee! Rachel is my hero! [??.....] that and little assassin dude is cool. It looks like a good start."


"Sweet music effaces. Interesting story line."


"An intriguing sword and socercy story where you don't know who to root for or who is right after all. The sibling bodyguards are particular highlight."


"Worth watching"


"Ho hum"


"Well presented. Cute system for magic."


"Cute characters, good setting, good premise."


"a damsel in distress, 2 sworn guardians, swords and sorcery, not bad for standard fare."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2003
We ended up watchijng this series.

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