Rou Kyu Bu!

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Rou Kyu Bu!

Subaru has only ever wanted to play basketball, but right after having transferred to a high school specifically to play in their basketball club the team captain, whom Subaru looked up to as a hero, vanishes leaving behind rumors that he ‘eloped’ with a grade-schooler! The team is disbanded and the members are shunned by their schoolmates. In the middle of this Subaru’s aunt, who teaches grade school, asks Subaru to come coach a girl’s basketball club at her school. At first Subaru wants nothing to do with it, but the determination and drive of one of the girls on the team gives him a change of heart.
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Alternative Names: Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Rou Kyuu Bu!
Genre: Drama, Romance, Sports
Demographic: Shounen
Adapted from the light novel series, Rou Kyu Bu!. Also adapted into the manga, Rou Kyu Bu!.


Kaji Yuuki as Hasegawa Subaru, Hanazawa Kana as Minato Tomoka, Ogura Yui as Hakamada Hinata, Noto Mamiko as Hasegawa Nayu, Hidaka Rina as Kashii Airi, Iguchi Yuka as Misawa Maho, Hikasa Youko as Nagatsuka Saki, Itou Kanae as Ogiyama Aoi, Itou Shizuka as Takamura Mihoshi



Cutesy, and a bit pervy. Not my cup for me.

Light Trainer

It's really cute with it's funny parts! Though there were perverted moents it's really fun to enjoy!

Dark Draygoon

cute and slightly perverted

Kimiko Calaway

Aimed towards a younger female audience unless the subject enjoys more "cute" amd "realism" anime. Severe look of swords .. not directed towards a male audienc's only would they watch in secret. Either you like it or you find it awkward to watch.


What did I just watch?

Michael Eh?

Cute and totally pointless lolicon eye candy. What else would you want? How about better directing?
Both in art consistancy and storyboarding. The mom character only looked like she was a parent only near the end. I initially thought it was the main character, Subaru's aunt was his sister. Maybe trying to catch the 'moe' factor but failing on too many levels.


ordinary & uninteresting kawaii.


There's just enough character development to make it marginally interesting, but the one I really wanted to watch was the sexy aunt. Of course, if I were into loli, I would have loved it.

Club Notes

Date Reviewed: August 28th, 2011

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