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As master assassin Usui Yuen looks into a series of assassinations made on the grand samurai clan, the Satsuma, he encounters Kurima Raizo, member and survivor of one of the attacks. Together, they discover the true nature of these murders is bigger than over stolen resources. As they get closer to the truth, will they come out alive to exact revenge?

Alors que le maître assassin Usui Yuen enquête sur une série d'assassinats commis sur le clan des grands samouraïs, les Satsuma, il rencontre Kurima Raizo, membre et survivant de l'une des attaques. Ensemble, ils découvrent que la véritable nature de ces meurtres est plus importante que les ressources volées. Alors qu'ils se rapprochent de la vérité, sortiront-ils vivants pour se venger ?
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Genre: Historical, Mystery, Samurai
Demographic/Démographique: Seinen
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Mr. G

Chanbara thriller. The art is kinda whatever, but the music is interesting, and supporting characters are memorable. A bit gruesome for my taste though.


This is one of the more interesting shows this season. The story is fairly straightforward, but it is executed very well. The artstyle suits the period, the characters are detailed and distinct, and the framing and sound matches the scenes nicely. This is very well executed, even if it is not a very ambitious story.

Michael Eh?

Must say this historical samurai drama is exquisite anime I've seen in long time. Great characters. animation, acting and music. Most people would pass on this series by only looking at the premise but it holds it's own charm.

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Date Reviewed: January 31, 2023

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