Ragnarok the Animation

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Ragnarok the Animation

Based on a video game of the same name.


Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Game, Magic



"I enjoyed the 1st episode and would be interested in watching more before giving ab actual review. This premiere epsidoe has done it's job in raising my questions about the characters and their world that I'd want to find out the answers via future episodes."

EVA Geek

"Ragnarok was very cool! I loved how close it was to RPGs I played on the computer such as Baulder's Gate. It was great to how they used swords and magic. I though it was great."


"To review this anime fairly I would need to see more, however I see great potential in the world and characters. At first, I felt it was an attempt to grasp at the cross gendre appeal of HACK, but i now wish to see more before condemning it."

Necronia Relic

"Ragnarok This kind the exact kind of anime that attracts my interest. A bunch of adventurers on a quest for something. This was awesome-hilarious as well, and it's almost exactly like Tales of Symphonia. You played that? It's my favorite and I'm hoping it's an anime as far as I know. It's just a game oh great, I'm yammerring off topic again. I'm sorry. Great anime in blunt conclusion."

Michael Eh?

"The show was too RPG-ish in it's dialogue. Characters refered themselves in 'game terms'. "I'm level 1!" was fairly poor dialogue. The Team Rocket-like villians are a deathknell for me and this anime."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2005

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