Puppeteer Sakon

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Puppeteer Sakon

For young Sakon, this was his first performance away from home at a rural festival. Instead he ends up in a mystery as several former of students meet to talk about the death of a schoolmate only 8 years ago. Instead the ghost of the schoolmate haunts the abandon school speaking revenge. One by one the group of former students are killed showing this is no ghost. Can Sakon solve the mystery before he himself is killed.


Alternative Names: Karakuri Zoushi Ayatsuri Sakon, Ningyou Zoushi Ayatsuri Sakon, Puppet Master Sakon
Genre: Detective, Mystery



"The setting of this are weird; modern but also very pastoral and pre industrial. Ventriloquism is certainly a new twist for me. The art is good, but I keep disliking the female character designs. Can't help slashing Uhon and Sakon though -- Sakon does spend a great deal of time with his hand up Uhon's butt."


"Well, the style's cool and I like the puppet -- he's totally Kurama from YuYu! Also the murder mystery feel is nice. And the blood quota for this show has obviously been used up by another series. Maybe they're all puppets? Very cool." Pat "Weird. [I like the opening music.]"


"I'd like to see more but so far it's shaping up to be an interesting series. Some very good story-telling."


"Very interesting twist on the murder mystery theme."


"An intriguingly eerie series with an haunting mystery to the nature of Uhon"

Michael Eh?

"Somewhat reminiscent of an old 50-60's murder mystery, Ten Little Indians. People trap in remote location .... one by one, each die. With the theme of puppets, it's hard to tell who is being manipulated the puppets or the people. The underlying mystery, is Uhon, Sakon's puppet all that it seems to be? Uhon seems to be the most lively character this show but who manipulates who?"

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2004

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