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One Off

The story follows a young girl named Shiozaki Haruno and her friends who enjoy motorcycles and one day meet a curious motorcyclist named Cynthia.
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Genre: Slice of Life
Demographic: Seinen
OVA sponsored by Honda.


Gotou Saori as Shiozaki Haruno, Yahagi Sayuri as Bessho Anri, Kobayashi Yuu as Cynthia B. Rogers, Hayami Saori as Kaburagi Sayo, Kitamura Eri as Maezono Rie


Michael Eh?

It's K-ON! with some traction ... as in mopeds and motorcycles and a girl with big um... assests. Heart warming propoganda brought to you by Honda motors. First episode (or short - 15 min) didn't really push the sponsor but it became painly apparent in the second half with a motorcycle placed for no reason in the cafe and the SAME two guys at the counter and tables with Honda hats and jackets. Hint hint? This show has it's merits with or without it's so obvious sponsor and shouldn't be written off. Maybe with less corporate and more subtle placement.


got no clue what was the point of the show.


Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda harleys suck stupid Yankees Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda


It was interesting...


Found the lead character's pessimism got old, real fast.


It's an OK character study with a nice little moral at the end.

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Date Reviewed: Sept 23 2012

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