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macross F

Macross F is set in around 2070A.D.. F denotes "Frontier"; "Frontier" stands for the migration fleet which is the setting of the story. The story is about the fleet`s encounters with space monsters (or things to that effect) while on its course.

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Alternative Names: Macross Frontier
Genre: Mecha, Sci-Fi
Music by Kanno Yoko, Kikuchi Kouji as director and Kawamori Shouji as general director
The director's cut of the first eipsode was aired in December 2007 for the 20th anniversary. The actual series will not be starting until later in March 2008.



Great art design, smooth animation, and very, very nice use of CGI. Nace pacing and action scenes.

Lord of Acarina

Thta's some good mecha, well voiced too.


It's a good job of establishing a standard miltary fight for survival with the typical cute dansel in distress and hero with a chip on his shoulder. There's plenty of room for both character and plot development. The combat scenes are detailed and fast.

Michael Eh?

For me, this seems a trip back in time. To the very first time we watched Macross 7 ... rock star, alien invasion and some pretty cool valkyrie fight sequences. However, it seems there is more that should have been in this episode than meets the eye. The miltary and the leader of Macross Frontier colony seem expecting to run into trouble (aka aliens) from the dialogue. Being this is the 20th anniversary of Macross, could they be finally tying up the loose ends on what happen to the original Macross fleet that left at the end of the original series?


solid entertainment, even if it is a little over-familiar.

Club Notes

Dates shown: January 13, 2008; January 15 2008

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