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Log Horizon

By its eleventh expansion pack, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Elder Tale has become a global success, having a following of millions of players. However, during the release of its twelfth expansion pack: Homesteading the Noosphere, thirty thousand Japanese gamers who are all logged on at the time of the update, suddenly find themselves transported inside the game world and donning their in-game avatars. In the midst of the event, a socially awkward gamer called Shiroe along with his friends Naotsugu and Akatsuki form a guild called Log Horizon so that they may face this world which has become their reality along with the challenges which lie ahead.
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Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Demographic: Shounen
Adapted form the light novel series, Log Horizon - Novel. Also see the anime, Log Horizon 2.


Michael Eh?

No SAO but funny all the same... in some ways a parody of SWord Art Online. Though being trapped in a video game is becoming it's own genre.


More Do TS, more Do Ts, more DoTs. Who pulled the whelps!?! 50 DKP MINUS!!!!!!


I didn't like Sword Art Online and this does little to change anything but looks like a copy cat.


There a hint of an interesting back story and the premise while its old has the potential to go in lots of directions, but the characters aren't all that interesting except for the one crazy girl at the guiild house.

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