Kawaii! JeNny

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Kawaii! JeNny

Evil organization of Evil Teddy Bears and Sister B is determined that Japan will be free of sweets and fashion. Lucky there is Kawaii! Jenny to save the day. Maybe.


Genre: Action, Comedy, Sentai
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Michael Eh?

I thought I've seen it all but Kawaii! JenNy takes that spot. It's not particular gross just bizarre. Imagine a typical anime musical girl show done with stop-motion dolls. Yes, Barbi like dolls. The evil bad guys are teddy bears.

I kid you not. Nothing ... NOTHING! Out weird's this. It's like watching a Geri Anderson show like Thunderbirds but the mouths and eyes don't move.

Captain Joystick



Once again a show from Japan breaks my brain. A crazy and wacky mix of barbie dolls, teddy bears, giant robots in a super sentai setting.


barbie meets the thunderbirds meets sailor moon. highly imaginative but not very well executed. perhaps it's for the best that I couldn't read any of the subtitles.

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Review Dates: June 8 & 10 2008

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