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World controlled by Syndicates who controlled engineered Orc monsters. No one defies the Syndicate and lives. All die. So they think. One man keeps a secret from them they thought buried 13 years ago. In trying to kill off the last descendant of those who defied them, they find that one other still lives Beyond the Grave ... Brandon Heat.

The guns that once defied the Syndicate fire once more. Beyond the Grave ... GunGrave.


Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, SciFi, game
Copyright 2003 Madhouse Production



"Cool! Real Cool!"


"Very interesting plot lines with plenty of gun battles."


"Action packed but hopelessly derivative of Hellsing."


"I'm happy already! Nifty art & concept AND there's someone called Big Daddy! Now if we can just make the obvious supernatural angle into a little supernatural homoeroticism? Very nice. This kind of thing shouldn't be played while there's other distracting eyecandy, though, *ogles pretty boys*"


"In love with the female lead's character design, first of all. And the music is fantastic. If mike doesn't stop taunting us all with these excellent first episodes, I will dismember him. Want more!"




"it's ok. doesn't seem too original though. i think they've copied from series like Hellsing."

Michael Eh?

"Parallels to Hellsing is hardly the word. GunGrave being originally a video game the monster lackeys are typically cliché. At least for those who know the game. Most here don't. No new plots just old ones done very well."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2004

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