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Futakoi Alternative

There`s Rentarou, a 21 year old good for nothing dropped out of college guy, who calls himself a private detective. And there are the Shirogane Twins, Sara and Souju who kind of "work" as his assistants. Between the local mob boss, the police,an equally bizzarre squidman and his father's past, he'll have his hands full.


Alternative Names: Futakoi 2, Twin Love Alternative
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama



"OMFG! Has every BAD anime cliché ever. Holy [censored]!"


"What the ? Panties... Every gun cliché ever ... incoherent plot line... Excel Saga... and TWINS!??! It's like nothing I've seen. It's a train wreck in progress... so terrible you have to see more. ...yeah ...good freakin grief!"


"...more splooge please..."


"Quinton Tarrentino couldn't make a better anime. Everything in this anime is done with great effort to show what has made anime popular to the North American anime market. There are many parts that will appeal to every kind of fan ... if they can take the fan service."


"If cheesy clichés, fearless stupidity and excruciating cuteness constitute an original artistic medium, then I have just seen the first classic of the signature artform of the 21st century."


"A bizarre mash of clichés designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator."

Michael Eh?

"When I saw the web preview, I thought Futakoi Alternative as the most depressing chick flic anime out there. When looking at just the opening, I thought, what the ...? As though some exec made changes to the point it only stands as a satire of itself and of anime in general. Still ... in spite of this, it is a great 'kick-back and just watch' show. Most of the members, in spite of their negative views wanted to watch more. After finally watching the entire first episode, I would agree it a hoot."

Club Notes

We ended up watching this series but when we reviewed it we watched the promo for the show first which was a touch depressing. Then I showed my version of studio and TV exec talking about changes to the show then showed the first episode. The result was non stop laughter and the group sold on the series.

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