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On one fateful day, August 1, Shujinkou regains consciousness in an unfamiliar cafe, with no memories of the past. Where is this place? What was Shujinkou doing here? Who and what kind of life did Shujinkou live?
A boy appears before Shujinkou. The boy's name is Orion, and calls himself a fairy. Under Orion's direction, Shujinkou gropingly searches for clues about herself. She eventually meets people who know her: a childhood friend, a senior, and a lover.
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Genre: Game, Harem, Mystery, Romance
Demographic: Shoujo
Based on Idea Factory's Visual Novel series, Amnesia for the PSP.


Taniyama Kishou as Ikki, Ishida Akira as Kent, Kakihara Tetsuya as Shin, Nazuka Kaori as Shujinkou, Hino Satoshi as Thoma, Miyata Kouki as Ukyou, Akutsu Kana as Mine, Igarashi Hiromi as Orion, Yoshida Seiko as Rika, Moriya Satomi as Sawa, Nazuka Kaori as Shujinkou


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