Alice Quartet Obbligato

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Alice Quartet Obbligato

Slice of life manga about a group of designers. Alice Quartet is a brand name the four of them use when they function as a single unit, but the shop uses the same name. Found seep within the quiet neighbourhood of musashino, it is envoloped by an extreme calm atmosphere, perhaps because it used to be a church.
Someplace quiet, someplace noisy. A reflection of their world, where they walk lightly in their radiant clothing.
These girls make clothes. These girls sew clothes. These girls don clothes. These girls dye clothes. These girls love clothes.
from Dynasty Scans
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Alternative Names: Alice Quartet
Author: MINAMOTO Hisanari
Artist: FUJIEDA Miyabi, MooNPhase
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Demographic: Shounen
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Michael Eh?

It's Designing Women ... the manga. For those who love ARIA. This is a laid back look at four women as they work in clothing store designing clothes. For those who love cosplay, this will be a welcomed change from the usual fare.

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