Gunbuster 2

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Gunbuster 2

Nono dreams of becoming a space pilot. Big dream for someone who is constantly breaking dishes at the local diner near the space port. During an incident at the diner, Nona wants badly become friends with one space pilot, Lark. Lark tells her that she has no abilities to make it as an elite pilot, the 'Topless'. (because no one can 'top' them?) However during an alien attack on the base, Nona shows she has more than the ability to 'top' a giant bug monster by herself. Something Lark with his Gun Buster mecha can do alone.


Alternative Names: Aim for the Top 2, Top wo Nerae 2, Aim for the Top! Gunbuster 2, Diebuster
Genre: Action, Mecha, SciFi



"It's not really my thing, but it seems ok, I guess."

Ms Jadey

"Fascinating - great sci-fi fantastic art with the exception of icky CG. Seems to have the right blend of humour and actual story. Also, nudity *not* for the sake of nudity, because it was only shown long enough to make the jokes."

crazy leo

"I liked it."

Lady Erika

"I found it fun and enjoyed it."


"very entertaining. a bit hectic though."


"I'm impressed that they managed to keep the nudity down to a minimum, and it was rather cute overall. I liked the girl-girl overtones, too. However, it doesn't hurt to have just a bit of seriousness."

Ultra Rob

"Beautiful to look at GAINAX has once again created a beautiful world for all to enjoy. But, the lack of characterization drags it down to really nice picture show. If they can improve on it, this might be a series worth watching."


"A strange mix of magical girl & mecha genres with absurd over the top action. I cannot see any link to the original Gunbuster what so ever."


"Whompa-ker-borbs! Space mecha, yuri tension, panty shots and spunky hero! Loves too much!"


"It seemed a bit contrived but I give props for some interesting parts. Panty shots and the 'I'm Topless' scene. It seems like it has potential, but right now just seems like every other shoujo in the world ... with the possibility of yuri ... YaY!"


"From the Maker of Evangelion, Steel Angel Kurumi, and some of the most 'colourful' writers around comes an anime that combines the best of each, yet needs to be watched more to be understood... I LIKE IT!"

Michael Eh?

"It's Popeye the mecha man.... or is it Bluto? Far too much FLCL influence with a touch of Jo Jo Bizarre Adventure in this retake on an anime classic. The fan service of panty shots and brief nudity gags will drop the blood pressure of many Japanese viewers. It only adds up to mild entertainment here. It was too much eye candy to be connected to original 'Gunbuster' except for name only. As it only being 6 OVAs like FLCL, it's not that hard on the eyes."

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Year Reviewed: 2005

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