Windy Tales

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Windy Tales

"Still taking pictures of the clouds Noa?"
"I'm taking pictures of the clouds and ...
...the wind."
"The Wind?"


Alternative Names: Fuujin Monogatari
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
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"It has cats but it was really, really, REALLY weird."


"i like it. original and stylish."


"The sparce animation was nice for a change, but the way sll the arms and legs tapered almost to points in the midrange shots was kind of distracting. The characters showed promise and using a digital camera club as a plot device in fantasy series is an inspired touch."

Crazy Leo

"The story was very intersting and the artwork, while unusual, fits the story quite well. I like it."


"GAH! Scawy! It scawy! AHH! Ao scary .. and weird! No more! Onegai!"

Michael Eh?

"I had originally passed on showing this series due lack of time to fully watch the first episode. The artwork is fabulous! The characters at first were freakish and totaly out of scope of regular traditional character design. It wasn't until I had the time to properly watch this episode that these characters had depth even though the designs weren't. True treasure in anime series though a slow pace drama compaired to an action lineup. Still a gem. I highly recommend this series."

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