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Black Rock Shooter

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Genre: Fantasy
Demographic: Seinen
The anime version of Black★Rock Shooter, an original vocaloid song by ryo. Adapted from an illustration by Huke. Also adapted into anime, Black Rock Shooter TV. Also adapted into the manga, Black Rock Shooter - Innocent Soul and videogames.





This is a good job of creating atmosphere and setting up characters, but it left me with the sense that the story begins at the exact moment that the episode ends. ie. The pilot doesn't tell the story of its own - at least not a satisfying one.


It sucks ... big time. Please find something better.

Michael Eh?

This was 47 minutes out of 50 minutes too long. Dragging out the prelude of why 'Black Rock Shooter' was torture with interesting scenes of the 'other' dream world fighting. The original music videos was more entertaining than this drawn out piece.


ok...just let me grab my raincoat and umbrella... *puts on coat, opens umbrella* I actually thought that it was a really well done piece, I do agree with Doug about the fact it seems to stop at the place were the real story begins. Its almost like they wanted to make it longer but then decided against it *makes a face* but what they have at this point in time is actually really good. The creators must have at least had to think about what kind of persona the characters would take on, and how the main story idea would flow, I'd assume the reason it was left like that is either because there evil and don't want to make more lol, or there planning to release some form of a continuation, and if not well I can't say I was disappointed with what they created so far, maybe a few animation flubs in my opinion but I found it rather enjoyable, even if it did end rather abruptly. (just for those people that might not get the raincoat and umbrella thing its so that if your going to throw stuff at me for thinking it was good I don't have to spend hours washing out my clothes.. lol)


gorgeous. & that's all u r gonna hear out of me. just gorgeous.

Crazy Leo

I liked how the story was told; switching between the fight and how the two atangonist got to that stage. I was also quite impressed with the artwork as well. A very enjoyable watch.


"Fleshie like... shiny pictures go boom" All kidding aside I thought that the transition from artwork to anime was well done and i can't wait to see more.

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Date Reviewed: August 22 2010

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