Black Blood Brothers

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Black Blood Brothers

What if you couldn't protect what was close to you?

What if what you hold lets go?

Even though you might have an eternity you can never get it back?


Genre: Action, Vampires



"funny and energetic. it's a keeper."

Tyler Durden

"Overall animation quality is excellent, with children as vampires being a novel idea. A kid getting head slammed by his big brother nt for faint of heart. Lead character costume similar to female witch in Guilty gear X fighting game. Another note: is it me or has the FN P90 personal defence weapon become the new 'cool gun' of anime?"


"This plot seems to set the stage pretty well for a series that gives a pretty even-handed treatment of humans and vampires with some interesting characters. I'd watch another episode to find out."

Michael Eh?

"It's starts out with a good premise but falls into comedy vampire anime quite quick. This mix of serious and comical anime is hard to stomach at first but it's worth looking at the plot progression in later episodes."


I must put this random note here. This is the first series to start me on my love for Fukuyama Jun (Zelman). Drama Cd to anime switch. Jirou was to be portrayed by the original drama CD seiyuu, however due to an auto accident, Sakurai Takahiro stepped into the roll. I'm only sadden by the fact that it received such poor ratings, and was stopped at only 13 episodes. But I truly recommend it.

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Reviewed: 2006

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