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Three yōkai or supernatural creatures, Bem, Bera and Bero, who arrive at a large coastal city and come across an evil atmosphere, which was brought about by immoral behavior by humans and mischief caused by monsters and yōkai. They therefore decide to stay in the city, fighting against other monsters and yōkai which attack humans, making a few friends along the way. Even though the three yōkai are often abused and discriminated against by other human beings due to their appearance, they still strive in protecting the human populace of the city from other monsters, one day hoping to become human beings in return for their good actions.

Trois créatures yōkai ou surnaturelles, Bem, Bera et Bero, qui arrivent dans une grande ville côtière et se retrouvent dans une atmosphère maléfique, provoquée par des comportements immoraux chez les humains et par des méfaits causés par des monstres et des yōkai. Ils décident donc de rester dans la ville, en luttant contre d'autres monstres et yōkai qui attaquent les humains, faisant quelques amis en cours de route. Bien que les trois yōkai soient souvent maltraités et discriminés par d'autres êtres humains en raison de leur apparence, ils s'efforcent toujours de protéger la population humaine de la ville contre d'autres monstres, un jour dans l'espoir de devenir des êtres humains en retour de leurs bonnes actions.
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Alternative Names/Des Noms Alternatifs: Youkai Ningen Bemu, Humanoid Monster Bem
Genre: Adventure, Horror
Demographic/Démographique: Shounen
Adapted from the manga/Adapté du manga, Youkai Ningen Bemu - Manga


Michael Eh?

Another dark anime, I mean really dark making hard watching. This is well worth while remake.


Let's see -- we've got horror, fantasy, cop noir, a hint of dystopia -- I'm not sure which is supposed to be the primary genre. Anyway, it seemed OK, but I didn't really get a good enough sense of the main character to say for sure.


This was a much more interesting series than i was expecting. It has a sligh noir-styling to its characters, but is another tale of supernatural battles. I got a constant Vampire Hunter D vibe from this, as we have a quiet unassuming badass seemingly destroying anything that threatens humans, paired up with a feisty yet woefully underpowered relative to the baddies heroine. I think this one is worth applying the 3 episodes rule to see where it goes.

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Date Reviewed: July 24 2019

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