Bakuretsu Tenshi

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Bakuretsu Tenshi

If pizza delivery wasn't dangerous enough with bounty hunters trashing your only means of working ... then working for the same bounty hunters as a cook then being held hostage by a criminal organization any better?


Alternative Names: Burst Angel, Exploding Angel
Genre: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Mecha, Science Fiction, Shoujo Ai, Yuri
Demographic: Shounen
Adapted into an prequel manga, Burst Angel.



"While animation is good, the series is essentially Bubblegum Crisis with bigger mecha and small female clothes with a touch of Three's Company's Jack Tripper character."


"There's something to be said about the girls, guns and Mecha. Pat would love it."


"It's got intersting character design, music and CG effects, but in the end it's all flashy colours with no depth. There doesn't seem to be enough to hold my interest... Just another harem mecha show that's trying WAY too hard to be cool."

Omi-kun "um... well I don't lke judging a show on merely one episode, but from what I've seen so far it seems pretty good. Whether there's a deeper plot or it's just a bunch of pretty girls with big guns remains to be seen though. This show can really go either way; it can turn out to be a thought-provoking show or just another 'guy - gets - stuck - living - with - a - bunch - of - girls - with - big - boobs' show."

humanbean "enjoyable. nicely choreographed fight scenes. the characters don't seem too far over the top."

Ultra Rob

"Well animated, but it's still just Bubblegum Crisis again. I liked it better the first time. It is cute thought."


"Zombies, mecha, and hot chicks: my kind of show! Seriously, it was entertainment only and the prepubescent panty shots were a little gratuitious. Fun, but not a keeper. The zombies should be more consistent."


"... It's like WeiB Kriez, but with chicks. Now I picturing with obscene panty shots. Oh right, this is anime! Um, it's kind of cool, and has potential, if it would just get on with it. I still want more FAIZ."


"This is a good first episode because it sets up the main characters without revealing too much. The nerveless gunslinger, a passionate character, a serious kid and average guy who maintains the sense of danger. There is still plenty of room for the series to go in different directions."

Michael Eh?

"With not much to add to this other than the character designs are like that of stylized Korean video game, War of Genesis. In spite of the fan service, the main character's personalities are more believeable than most animes out there. The 'impish' whiz kid (Technical without being a geek or freak like Ed. Cowboy who is more takes a negative reaction to leader's taking a 'male' cook into their fold. Still there seems no relationship to the apocolitic openig sequence of giant mecha-zombies and the rest of the show. It seems that Gonzo did better with Kiddie Grade than this."

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