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Tentai Senshi Sanred

The story revolves around the hero Sunred's battles against General Vamp and his shadowy group of minions in a spoof of classic Japanese anime and live-action special-effects shows.


Alternative Names: Celestrial Warrior Sunred, Tentai Senshi Sanred
Genre: Parody, Comedy
Demographic: Seinen
Based on a seinen manga, Tentai Senshi Sanred by Kubota Makoto, serialised in Young GanGan. Prequel to Astro Fighter Sunred 2.



slice of life small business evil organisation VS small time superhero

Michael Eh?

The animation is lowest quality I've seen in years... heads bob up and down as they talk. The hero, Astro Fighter Sunred... bearing a vague simularity to Red Ranger and every Masked Rider even wears his mask in civilian clothes. The evil organization is so pathetic. They are forced to pay Sunred for his food when they make Sundred drop it in a fight. End result ... flipping hilarious!!!

Those who love Charge!! Cromartie High will eat this one up.

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