Astro Boy 2003

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Astro Boy 2003

Playing fast and loose with the original origin story, this Astro/Atom is born in a laboratory thanks to the work of Prof. Ochanomizu (Teawater) and the entire power supply of "Metal City". In this future metropolis where humanity lives in seeming harmony with a semi-intelligent robot population, Astro is the first Robot who can think like a human. Although he starts out as a simple child in intelligence, he learns quickly, and displays his good hearted nature right from the beginning. When the city's power core's robot brain run amok because of Astro's birth, he calms it rather than fighting it and restores things to the way they should be. He is to be a bridge between human and machine, and in many ways the one who will bring peace to both sides of the hidden conflict. But, there are those who don't wish to see humanity and machines as allies, and Astro was intended to be something else...


Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
Alternative Names: Astro Boy/Tetsuwan Atomu (Mighty Atom)
Airdate: Spring 2003 Produced by Tezuka Productions Japan Ltd.

In this, the third incarnation of Astro Boy to be animated (it was previously done in 1963 and 1980, and there was even a live action show done in the 1960's as well), we find a new Astro Boy for a new generation.

In the original story, Astro was a child made in the image of the great robotics scientist Dr. Tenma's son, Tobio, who was killed in a car accident. Dr. Tenma eventually grew frustrated when no matter how hard he tried, the robot could not really be his lost son, and sold him to be a robot toy. Astro was found by Dr. Ochanomizu who rebuilt him and turned him into the character we know as Astro Boy, and went on to have many adventures. The theme of Astro Boy was always the desire for man to exist in harmony with science, and to use it to better mankind, not take away from it. The original stories are tales of predjudice and meant to make the reader/viewer question, a tradition this new Astro Boy continues today.



"Astroboy- Interesting but childish. Worth watching for nostalgia's sake. ..."


"-hate the proportions of the animation; the plot's okay, but a little blantant"


"like the style .. mood music is too much"


"Ack the noses! Ack! It's cute but really bizarre. Admittedly, it was a lot better than I'd thought it'd be. I get a 'let's make friends with all the bad guys' vibe from it sadly."


"It didn't suck."

Crazy Leo

"Was very impressed with the story."


"A vast improvemnt over the 1980's version."

Ultra Rob

" Although it seems a little much like Megaman (Rockman) for my tastes, having seen the second episode I am majorly hooked and look forward to more. There is something charming about this series, and I dread what they will do to it in the forthcoming dub."

Michael Eh?

"Most 'remakes' are either glossy which bear little to it's original or flat which pay so close to original that they fail to capture the energy of wonder. Possibly being the only member to actually have seen the original Astroboy air on TV, I would say that this is best remake of making old new again. The interesting that makers of the series have decided to merge the Japanese and North American names for the same character."

Club Notes

Review Date: June 9 2003
This is the first anime we officially reviewed for the website.

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