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Alice to Zouroku

A group of young girls who hold a power named "Alice's Dream," which allows them to make their imaginations come true. These girls have been locked up and treated as research subjects. Sana, one of these girls whose specific power includes the ability ignore the laws of physics and physically manifest anything she can imagine, has escaped. Afterwards, she meets an old man named Zouroku, who dislikes disruptions in his everyday life.

Un groupe de jeunes filles qui tiennent une puissance appelée «le rêve d'Alice», qui leur permet de faire leur imagination se réaliser. Ces filles ont été enfermées et traitées comme des sujets de recherche. Sana, une de ces filles dont le pouvoir spécifique inclut la capacité d'ignorer les lois de la physique et manifester physiquement tout ce qu'elle peut imaginer, a échappé. Ensuite, elle rencontre un vieil homme nommé Zouroku, qui n'aime pas les perturbations dans sa vie quotidienne.
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Alternative Names/Des Noms Alternatifs: Alice & Zouroku
Genre: Supernatural
Demographic/Démographique: Seinen
Adapted from the manga/Adapté du manga, Alice to Zouroku - Manga



fairly decent. interesting characters & good story-telling. kind of Elfen-Lied lite.


Standard premise -- young subject escapes from a black "research facility" -- but the unusually realistic treatment of the use of superpowers in public, plus the role reversal between the young man who would normally be the hero, and the old man who shows up as the hero, make this refreshingly different.


Quite ordinary story with nice character design. I'd try to watch a couple more episodes to understand if I like to finish it. 3D is horrible, though. And it's not clear why the authors decided to use references to "Alice in wonderland"

Michael Eh?

Alice seems to have struck a cord in this series. Parallels to Efin Lied is obvious but more sanitized. Some way this reminds me of Modaka. Love the grumpy old guy. A force to be contended with.

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Date Reviewed: April 12th 2017

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