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Akiba-chan is the name of the main character, a posable figurine. Her name refers to the otaku obsession with collecting anime figurines and other merchandise. She lives in an apartment house named Maison de Akiba. Four other girls share her easy-going, comic adventures. The anime uses a combination of computer animation (cgi) and a stop-motion technique.
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Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
The moe character design is by Poyoyon Rock aka Akio Watanabe?.



I like the voice actresses bit it was too childish. Story was cheap. It was boring.

Michael Eh?

For a kid's short animation, it was fine. The concept of using CGI for talking and facial expressions for stop motion figures feels like out of a page of Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds. It will be interesting if 3D studios will default to this new technic as cost cutting measure or will it simply disappear ... only time will tell.

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Date Reviewed: Feb 8th 2009

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Figumation: Akiba-Chan (in English).

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