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New transfer student meets friends and gets in fights.


Genre: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts



"Tall girl stands up for the little people. Interesting combat style."


"While it has flaws like at least one annoying and illogical character designs and it's too talkive. The fight scene moves are interesting."


"pretty good fight sequence. characters are a bit over the top."


"Great street fighter mock-off."


"I would go into detail to tell you how terrible this was but I'll make it simple and sum it up in 1 word for you .... CRAP!"


"Just another Street Fighter knock off with mediocre fight scenes and panty flashes."


"It's cheese, pure and simple. I was actually very amused and entertained by the fight scenes. Mexican wrestling references were a plus, and the character designs are far from boring."


"Maa~ No wonder Pat likes this ... he can feel at home with such whiny characters. It had its cute moments (like the plushies) but on the whole was nothing to write home about. I enjoyed the abuse of physics."

Michael Eh?

"With 80 plus anime productions in Japan per season, there has to be some dubs. None I thought as bad as 'AirMaster'. The lead character has no real direction ... just like the rest of the show. The horror of the female groupies that follow our lead is equally pathetic. How does a whiny five year old child be a high school student? The busty female character is equally out of place and only there for tasteless boob gags. I hardly believe any self respective female voice actress wanting to attach their name to this atrocity from either side of the Pacific. The ending might be an indicator as the lead seems to be running for her life from her female groupies. "Get me out of this anime!" but the contract says 26 episodes. The horror of it all! A show of the LOW caliber is not worth watching alone but among a group of people to disperse the shock value to larger value. Of course, that is why I showed it. It's not good enough to say it is horrible but to KNOW it is truly a piece of CRAP!"

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