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The future is bleak without entertainment. Four girls watch a rare concert by galactic group AKB0048. A group of combat idols bringing music to worlds cntrolled by DET.
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Genre: Music, School Life
Demographic: Shoujo
Based on the pop group, AKB48. Also adapted into manga, AKB0048 - Episode 0.


Nakaya Sayaka as Aida Orine, Satou Amina as Ichijou Yuuka, Sawashiro Miyuki as Acchan, Noto Mamiko as Kojiharu, Tamura Yukari as Mayuyu, Nakahara Mai as Sae, Kawasumi Ayako as Sayaka, Shiraishi Ryouko as Takamina, Ueda Kana as Tomochin , Horie Yui as Yukirin



It's good to see that in the future pop stars will be required to have some skills. For now, the invention of the anti-idol missle takes priority.


Felt very lost on any background info, like why entertainment is illegal, which includes singing & dancing ... no explaination, one of the kids was missing, complete emotional detatchment for over-the-top dramatics. How did it get aired?


Kind of a wierd mix of Macross 7, Jin-Rohh, and K-ON! Couldn't stop thinking of how much it rips from Macross Frontier.


Story - sentimental tripe
Premise - Annoying
Characters - Not bad, for little girls. Make of that what you will.

Michael Eh?

Pop star idols banned? Given today's artificial, auto-tuned, lipsyncing fake performers I would be rooting for DET to wipe them from the universe. It doesn't mean this anime isn't entertaining. It's not what I call entertainment. For what it looses in plot backbround, it makes up with enough eye candy of violence.


The lighting and colours were gorgeous! It had a really interesting premise as well.

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'Date Reviewed: June 10 2012

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