Super Sonico The Animation

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Super Sonico The Animation

Super Sonico is a mascot belonging to game software company Nitroplus.
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Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Game
Demographic: Seinen
Super Sonico is a mascot belonging to game software company Nitroplus.



This girl seems likeable, but not enough to make up for the total lack of any story. Likewise, the fan-service is fine but not enough to keep from getting distracted by the mystery of those big headphones. I kep thinking at this creepy ad client, "She's almost naked anyway, so can't you make her take the headphones off?"




NOthing happens in this show, NOTHING!!!

Michael Eh?

Surprising alot of animation of nothing in particular... other than fan service... Super Sonica is air headed just as the plot and writing.

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Date Reviewed: March 23 2014

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