Shura no Toki

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Shura no Toki

For the traveler, Kisshomaru, stopping for food at local road side restaurant, it was a usual day ... until two people crosses his path ... Mutsu Yakumo and one of the strongest samuri in the era. After dispatching the attackers, he leaves this young boy in the care of this travelling stranger as his bodyguard. Only after another group of swordsmen attack due we really see Kisshomaru's real strength, Mutsu Enmei Ryu. The MOST lethal unarmed hand-to-hand combat in this era.


Alternative Names: Mutsu Enmei Ryuu Gaiden: Shura no Toki, Time of Shura
Genre: Action, Historical, Martial Arts, Samurai



"Great samurai show"


"Katana and manly men always make me happy, but the cheesy CG in the woods was NOT cool. I don't get the boy with Kaari-esque hair ribbon but overall the series seems intriguing. (Oh. I get the ribbon now.)"


"historical drama meets anime ... quite entertaining."


"Ooh, slashy fighting boys, I approve. The random CG bits I could do without, but otherwise it's pretty... BUT why is the boy-prince a girl? This upsets me. Can he be male in my mind at least? Sigh. At least, the martial arts are pretty and I like Musashi's shoes."


"A very intriguing series."


"As appealing martial arts series featuring the legendary fighting heroes of Japanese history."


"As far as I can tell from one half-hour episode, this show focuses on the divergent personalities and agendas of a fairly large cast of characters, setting stage for lots of good plot twists and character development. The combat scenes and pre-fight posturing are thankfully brief. Most promising element is the central relationships between Matsu and Kishomaru. Her identity crisis and the casual way he punctures her lifelong deception could be fascinating in the hands of good writers. I only hope they don't lean too much on Japanese culture since I am not very knowledgeable about it."

Michael Eh?

"From the rowdy opening song to the end, this show rocks. They take the character of Japan's history and breath life and soul into them. The CG scene of first person view of Matsu fleeing through the forest worked out poorly. However the fighting sequences were oddly barren but refreshing. The scene of combat passes quickly with no apparent combat. It's only as it is reviewed by third person that you realised the speed of what has occurred. A refreshing change from usual beat 'em ups in Anime which long, labourious and violent."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2004

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