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The daily exploits of the naive, hyper-enthusiastic editor-in-chief Hana and Japan's cutest manga editors — cynical assistant editor-in-chief Aki, and editorial staff: glutton Tsugumi, and otaku Ringo — are frantic, as they attempt to realize their dream of launching the new number one manga magazine, the Monthly Comic Earth Star. And it does not bode well that they have zero experience in actually editing a manga...
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Alternative Names: Soukan! Comic Earth Star Henshou-bu, Launch! Comic Earth Star Editors
Genre: Comedy
Demographic: Shounen
Adapted from the manga, Mangirl! - Manga.


Otaka Moemi as Haraki Tsugumi, Oohashi Ayaka as Nishijima Ringo, Miyamoto Kanako as Sasayama Hana, Komagata Yuri as Torii Aki, Kitamura Eri as Ayano Hikari, Kayano Ai as Fujimori Shinobu, Taketatsu Ayana as Misono Sayuri, Yuuki Aoi as Sakuradai Kiiro



I liked it but felt it went by way too fast.


Even with having knowledge of the episode being 3 minutes long, the speed of it wasn't very necessary.


This has nothing original or interesting but it's really short so I'd watch one more eipsode.

Michael Eh?

Feels like an entire 23 minute episode compressed into 3 minutes. Voices felt like they were snorting helium. Would this be better as full length episode? Chances are not.


as anime-shorts it's ok. Don't like anime-short format myself.

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Date reviewed: Feb 10 2013

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