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Beautiful Chisato Takatsukasa thinks that every guy that gets close to his only son, Riju just wants to take advantage of him. He is constantly chasing away the friends and potential suitors that Riju brings home; although, there is one guy who just refuses to give up, or so it seems, until it is Chisato who gets professed to. What happens between the beautiful father, the son, and his best friend is anyone's guess.
from ANN
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Author: TAKAGI Ryou
Artist: TAKAGI Ryou
Genre: Comedy, Yaoi
Adapted into the anime OVA, Kirepapa.



EEEEK!!! sooooooo cuuute *dies of warm and fuzzys* lol the art is very appealing, the plot is rather funny and upbeat, witch is a nice change every now and again, along with that the story, though it seems to jump right into the middle of something is actually rather well thought out. It has a rather good pace though out, there was rarely a place I ran into were I thought things were too slow or too fast. This can defiantly be found on my recommended reading list. There isn't anything very graphic, a nipple here, a leg here XD nothing overly 'bad' lol, I'd defiantly suggest this to those people that like the kinda 'fluff' yaoi, cute, funny, a little romantic and some not graphic smex.

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