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High Card
High Card

Fourland Kingdom is an island nation in the North Atlantic. In this country, there are 52 X-Playing Cards, considered the origin of playing cards. A card with a unique supernatural ability can gift its abilities to a qualified person: the player. One day, the X-Playing Cards in government's custody were spread all over Fourland leading to troubles caused by the supernatural abilities of the players with cards across the country. The king secretly assigns Pinochle, one of the top corporations of the nation, to a mission, to collect the cards that are causing all the chaos in the country.

Fourland Kingdom est une nation insulaire de l'Atlantique Nord. Dans ce pays, il existe 52 X-Playing Cards, considérées comme l'origine des cartes à jouer. Une carte avec une capacité surnaturelle unique peut offrir ses capacités à une personne qualifiée : le joueur. Un jour, les X-Playing Cards sous la garde du gouvernement ont été réparties dans tout le Fourland, ce qui a entraîné des problèmes causés par les capacités surnaturelles des joueurs avec des cartes à travers le pays. Le roi assigne secrètement Pinochle, l'une des plus grandes sociétés de la nation, à une mission, collecter les cartes qui causent tout le chaos dans le pays.
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Genre: Action, Supernatural, Suspence
Demographic/Démographique: Shounen
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Michael Eh?

Maybe the slickest opening episode I've seen in a long while. A perfect companion to Buddy Daddies also airing this season. It's a question of which is better of the two. I'm betting that High Card might be the winner but will it take top spot this season is anyone's guess.

Mr. G

Another take on the modern day "team with supernatural items that has to collect them too". The author has a good imagination, and sense for the dramatic. Takes place in Legally Distinct Europe, with our main protag fancying himself a modern day Robin Hood; helping the orphanage that helped him. Desn't skimp on the violence, so it may not be for everybody.


So its a battle royale for artifacts that grant supreme powers. Seen things along these lines before, but this one is really well executed. From the sound design to the animation style to the fight choreography, this impresed me from start to finish.

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