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Kohei Nagase is a makeup and special effects artist at Studio Gimmick. He is a prodigy when it comes to doing makeup and special effects. He uses a special makeup tool, the "Silver Spatula," to deceive people and to help his friends get through their hardships with his talented skills. Kohei disguises his friends from their enemies, such as the press and terrorists, to help them. Not only can he change people's faces, he can also make robots and mask them with makeup. But there are those who take advantage of Kohei's skills for their own financial benefit. With his muscle-bound stuntman sidekick Kannazuki, Kohei tries to help people out of tight spots and better his skill at makeup and special effects.
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Alternative Names: Gimikku!
Author: KANARI Youzaburou
Genre: Action, Drama
Demographic: Seinen
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