Fighting!! Guidance

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Fighting!! Guidance

Ghi-Han Shin has recently quit the vicious street gang Union 5 and transferred to a new high school in an effort to start a new life. But his plans do not seem to work out. The thugs at the new school single him out as the new kid to pick on and Ghi-Han has to turn the other cheek unless he wants to fall back into his old life. He is aided by his new friend Hyun-Ha Ghang, the masculinity challenged member of the school Guidance Club. The school bosses set their sights on taking out Ghi-Han even as there are rumors that Union 5 is coming to Poong Rim High.
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Alternative Names: Fighting! The Guidance
Author: JEON Geuk-jin
Artist: EOM Hye-Jin
Genre: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts
Demographic: Shounen
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