Demon Sacred

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Demon Sacred
Demon Sacred

The story begins with Rena herself and her husband Ichijima Ryota who are on their honeymoon in Finland. There, they see a lot of unicorns. When Rena touches one, he turns into a man with the appearance of Mika Valaska, her idol music composer. Her husband and the rest of the tour group she is with vanish when the unicorns touch them, leaving only their clothes behind.
Many years later, Shinobu, a scientist, is taking care of the two daughters of Rena, Mona and Rina. Rina is experiencing the mysterious "return syndrome" which causes people to vanish (in her case, at a slower rate). Shinobu is doing everything he can to find out how to reverse the effects and save her, but has so far been unsuccessful. Suddenly, Mika appears and tells the trio that he knows of a way to save Rina; however, it would require calling more demons into the world.
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Alternative Names: Demon Seiten
Author: ITSUKI Natsumi
Artist: ITSUKI Natsumi
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Supernatural
Demographic: Shoujo
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