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So what do lunch boxes have to do with fanboys? Alot.

As kids we had our favorite show or cartoon charcter on them. We plastered stickers of stuff we thought was cool. We had the latest action toy for most cases, we carried in said lunch boxes. Just to have fun.

"However they don't use lunch boxes in Japan, well not like ours. They have these little laquered wooden/plastic bento lunch boxes about the size and shape of a textbook. The ones for little kids are however covered with images of their favorite characters. just like here, but because these things are only ever seen in the lunch room, they're not a big deal." -- Rob, our president.

With the advent of the wiki, we're recreating a new bento Otaku.


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Saru Saru

Iron Teapots

Pencil Boards
Plushies and UFO Dolls
PVC figures


Japanese Magazines
Shonen VS Shoujo
Papercraft - Kamen Rider 555 (Red)