Sugar Apple Fairy Tale

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Sugar Apple Fairy Tale
Sugar Apple Fairy Tale
Sugar Apple Fairy Tale
Sugar Apple Fairy Tale
Sugar Apple Fairy Tale
Sugar Apple Fairy Tale

In the Kingdom of Highland, a country where fairies are slaves of the humans, Ann Halford, a Candy Craftswoman, decides to purchase one in order to arrive the once-yearly Candy Fair to achieve the title of Silver Sugar Master.

Dans le royaume des Highlands, un pays où les fées sont esclaves des humains, Ann Halford, une artisane des bonbons, décide d'en acheter un afin d'arriver à la foire aux bonbons annuelle pour obtenir le titre de Silver Sugar Master.
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Alternative Names/Des Noms Alternatifs: Ginzatoushi to Kuro no Yousei
Author/Auteur: Mikawa Miri
Artist/Artiste: Aki
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
Demographic/Démographique: Shoujo
Adapted from light novel series/Adapté de la série de roman de lumière,


Michael Eh?

Surprising good first episode. The play of the two main characters together leaves a sweet taste in spite of bitter attitude of warrior fairy Shall Fen Shall. This show is now on my watch list.


The premise of a "benevolent" slave owner has been done before, so this is not exactly new. The twist that she only needs him for a short time and then will free him is also fairly cliched. That having been said, this premise is executed fairly well, so it is worth a watch if you are okay with the slavery angle. There is some fun to be had with the characters and how they interact, particularly the "childhood friend" who serves as comic relief.

Mr. G

Somewhat classic style fantasy romance, using fae and human relations to stand in for race relations and slavery. Upheld for their beauty, enslaved for human interests. Treated as servants and things, rather than as people. A world where crystalline sugar is used to make high art. A young woman must travel to attend a contest to become a master artisan, saves the life of a worker fairy from a man going overboard, and needing protection, purchases a (tsundere) warrior fairy to escort her, promising him his freedom in exchange. Characters are done with the cg being more noticeable than usual. Colors and backgrounds are quite good, animation is of a decent level.

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