Spice and Wolf 2

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Spice and Wolf 2

Lawrence Craft and Horo continue their travels to Horo's homeland but will finding it bring them closer together or tear them apart?

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Alternative Names: Ookami to Koushinryou 2nd season, Spice and Wolf II
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Demographic: Seinen
Adapted from the light novel series, Spice and Wolf. Also adapted as manga, Wolf and Spice. Second season to the anime series, Spice and Wolf.



Characters interacted well and were entertaining to watch.


Different storyline


Considering I only saw the last 5 minutes of it, only thing I can think of is I wouldn't mind if the wolf girl.


Not much really happened in this epsiode, but the girl is cute and pushy and she uses her tail to flirt. I'd watch one more episode to see if the action picks up.

Michael Eh?

Spice & Wolf II kicks up the romance part of their journey. Still there is some foreboding that this is a doomed relationship. The question whither we'll see Horo in wolf form during this series. There is some hints in the opening in some sort of antaganist.


thoughtful and charmin'

Club Notes

Review Date: July 26 2009

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