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A story about a miracle, involving Fumika, a quiet but hard working girl who wears a uniform of a mail carrier, and her talkative staff and partner Mayama. The Shigofumi is a posthumous letter, the last resort of relaying a deceased person`s last message to his/her loved ones: family, friends, and significant other.

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Alternative Names: Shigofumi: Stories of Last Letter
Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural
Based on a light novel series by Amamiya Ryo, illustrated by Poko.



What the Fu..?

Lord of Arcania



thoughtful premise. worth another look.


The characters are intersting enough but since I'm not into high school romance or death. I didn't find this plot to compelling. The use of the magical element simply ti deliver a plot point was a little unsatisfying too, but it seems to have real potential for viewers who like their anime dark and serious.

Michael Eh?

This show has constroversal written in every moment of it's execution. As always, Japanese Horror tends to deal with the darkness of mankind rather than the darkness itself. It is a masterpeice in thought and literature on 'if you could send a letter from the dead, what impact would it have on the living. The show itself may have more to say about the living than the dead.

Club Notes

Review Date: Feb 12 2007

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