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Samurai Girls

The era is Heisei 20+ in the reign of the 25th Tokugawa Shogun, Keikou. In the Christian calendar, it’s a bit past 2000 in the Empire of Japan.
In the skirts of the Sacred Mount Fuji, there’s an enormous school built in a vast area. Its name is Buou Private Academy. All students are children of samurai and while encouraged to study, they spend their days preparing themselves in battles that sometimes put their life in risk.
A peaceful school at first glance, but even there a shadow of turbulence draws near: the rebellious underground activities of discontents that oppose the Tokugawa clan that rules the school. Against the dissident students, the student council executive committee formed the Toyotomi Faction and began their suppression. Now with the Toyotomi Hunting as it became known, the tyranny of the student council escalated further.
The high school student Yagyuu Muneakira who attends the Buou Private Academy and is also the assistant instructor of fencing at the Yagyuu Dojo, while a servant to the Tokunaga family, he was opposed to the excessive oppression of the Toyotomi Hunting. And before Muneakira appeared several girls carrying the names of the ancient swordsmen and generals. Is that the beginning of a commotion that will shake the History or is it—?


Alternative Names: Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls
Genre: Action, Ecchi, Martial Arts, Samurai, School Life
Demographic: Seinen
Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls is Hobby Japan's 40th anniversary mediamix project. The franchise includes a light novel series by Suzuki Akira and Niθ, published by HJ Bunko (a publishing label aimed at young adult males); a manga series by Shinano Yura published in shounen/seinen magazine Dengeki Daioh; a 4-koma web comic by Kazahana Chiruo; this anime adaption by ARMS; figurines and so forth.



very weird funny


Line art style used in the intro and throughout looked a bit different but not but. Unfortunely that's the only plus I could find. Not an interesting plot (so far anyway) and lame yuri references didn't help.


a confused mishmash that is actually improved by the animators sneezing on the cells.


There are somewhat intriguing characters, a curvy amazon who's nearly naked when she's not just naked, a bunch of other cute girls, and best of all, the deliberate anachronims that suggest that the story could go in any direction - so I'd watch more episodes and hope it goes somewhere interesting.

Michael Eh?

Character design is suppose to be more than just how the character looks. Yet, they, Hobby Japan, seemed to overlook along with a plot for their Saurai Girl line of figures when trying to market it as an anime. At least, Queen's Blade, their previous endevor had a resemblance of a plot. No clear antagonist or comflict. Even for fan service, this is served up pretty weak. Though the ink splatting to censor naughty bits are the only form of entertainment in this first episode.


gorgeous 'cinematography', but the feel of the storytelling doesn't feel much different from Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch. still, pretty enjoyable.

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Date Reviewed: Sept 26 2010

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