Samurai Champloo

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Samurai Champloo

Small town Japan ... Helen period. Two ronin samurai meet up with servant girl and through a chain of unrelated events come together.


Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Historical
Demographic: Shounen
Adapted into a 2 volume manga, Samurai Champloo.



"Mere words can not properly describe the beauty of the Gem. The groovy zanieness of Cowboy Bebop meets the cool samurai action of Zodoichi. Its a bit off beat funk that you'll want to watch again and again."


"Smooth, slick and stylish. Finely crafted like swords they carry."


"fast action filled, bloody, and funny ... four statements that I rarely put together with an anime in one sentence. It's great series and one that I will keep an eye on."


"OH MY GOD. Fast paced, with some of the most fluid and gorgeous animation I've seen in a long time. I *liked* the intro music, the characters, and the choreography. An it was genuinely funny! Much love!"


"A Canberra anime show like no other! It's a masterful combination of Lone Wolf and Cub and Help! in a way I've never seen before!"


"This show is awesome! The flying squirrel is so cute. The music rocks and Mugen(?) is spunky. This is completely different from other the other animes I've seen."


"Wow, intense and fast paced. That fight scene between the two samurais was AWESOME! And let's not forget that adorable flying squirrel ^-^."


"I rather like this show. It's funny and doesn't really drag on about stupid things. Plus, the best part has got to be the cute flying squirrel."


"very nice. good pacing. well choreographed fights. they should have gotten someone who spoke English as a first language to sing the theme."


"Yay! Angst & humour! O.o blood. Kol, kol gotta see more. O.o yaoi implements!"

Cazy Leo

"What is not to love... Awesome fight scenes, witty rapatie. This series looks great and was very well written."


"Anime with a beat. Hell, anime with a DJ! Quality animation, unique style, interesting characters, and an intelligent story. Funny and breath-taking. Tarantino would pee his pants to see this. Seen to be the pinnacle of samurai anime."


"I am so in love. Bebop was cool enough, but this is awesome. I look forward to seeing this one when the slot opens. Please? the style (DJ included) is somehow filling, and makes the series interesting."

Ultra Rob

"Excellent animation and storytelling, this is indeed one of the best anime series ever. I am indeed a fan."

Michael Eh?

"Hip Hop samurai? So it seems. This is one you'll enjoy reading subtitles. It would be better to leave this anime intact. Instant hit written all over it with North American anime culture. Dubbing without character monologue please! Pretty boy quota is well met in this show. Cuteness with squirrel which made cameo appearance which wasn't over done. Enough radical fight scenes that will make every manly man out there eat this one up. All round crowd pleaser."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2004

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