Samurai 7

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Samurai 7

"Fight the Bandits?!"

"What are you crazy, old man?"

"After the war, bandits burned towns. I saw it with my own eyes. Towns that did not burned hired samurai. To fight the bandits, you must find samurai."


Genre: Historical, Mecha, Samurai, SciFi


Starlight Knight

"The CGI was good!"


"It is like Gundam Seed & Dune with samurai look alike with a very good guy saves a baby."


"Giant robots, samurais, glowing crystals, you name it, this series has it. It about time I get to see some samurai action. I'm looking forward to future episodes of Samurai 7."


"Cool robot and samurai fighting. Good animation."


"an interseting take on a classic. the setting seems a bit muddle, but that might clear up in later episodes."


"Definately my stle of anime. The art's pretty cool, too. The storyline seems old but with some new modern-type technology. Very nice indeed."

Double J

"Good introduction, story starts with a solid overview of the settings and themes in this series. Early character development is a bit dry."


"Looks like a good actio packed series of nice graphics, good sound and interesting characters."


"Promising, I look forward to the rest of the series."


"Cool mecha designs and characters. Looks good."


"Looks nice good. will be interested to see how the plot pans out."

Michael Eh?

"When a classic materpiece gets the Remake usually a poor shadow of the original. The masterpiece of Seven Samurai inspired a whole generation of directors. Amoung them, George Lucas being one of them. You think that dragging a well loved movie into 26 half hour episodes would destroy, delute the intergrity of the original. With a future tech setting along with fedal Japan the story wouldn't mesh. Instead, they have done something where ALL others who dare 'remake' an old beloved story or concept. They didn't sacrifice the core of the story and character personalities that made a classic, a masterpiece."

"Maybe the new generation of wannabe's remake masters need to watch Seven Samurai then Samurai 7 to know how to make a true remake."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2005
We watched this series.

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