Salary Man Kintaro

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Salary Man Kintaro

Salary Man Kintaro is typical of manga (comics) aimed at grown men in Japan. This series takes a look at newly hired Salary Man, Kintaro. Ex-bike gang leader who even still has the respect of police, turns the Japanese corporate world on edge stepping on the toes of everyone including his bosses. Yet, somehow, Kintaro manages to win their respect.


Genre: Comedy, Drama
Original Air Date: Japan, 2003.



"KAN-CHAN! I'm in love. Finaly, we've totally run out of plot ideas and decided to go for the salaryman hero. I love the into and the fanboys and the slashiness. Also you know, salaryman superhero."


"Well, gee neko. Kinda said it all. Well, I agree, that series was the best thing there ever was. How many salarymen beat up thugs in the streets with children strapped to their back? That sounds weird and I saw it. This series kicks."


"Cute premise ... imaginatively executed... low production values though."


"Too weird for me."


"Different and weird."

Michael Eh?

"A hero of the ordinary worker against the evil corp ... or is it the corp's only means of salvation? Forest Gump of the working class. Forceful yet witless about somethings. A man we all wish we could aspire to at work ... and NOT get fired."

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Date Reviewed: July 14, 2003

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