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Read or Dream TV

For Sumiregawa Nenene, it was suppose to be just an interview and autograph session in Hong Kong. What she ends up with is two guides, Maggie-chan and Michelle, and a bomb taking out her hotel room. No doubt about it. She's not going to bow to these threats. What she doesn't know is her guides are more than they seem. Along with their little sister, Anita-chan, who hates books, they prevent crazed author from spoiling her book signing. The ride back to Japan gets even more bumpy as another attacker tries again. Once again the Three Sisters Detective Agency proves it can save the day.


Alternative Names: R.O.D -THE TV-, Read Or Die TV, Read or Dream
Genre: Action, Drama, SciFi, Super Power


Crazy Leo

"Started out slow but when the action started, I was intrigued with the power of the 'Three Sisters' pocessed. Can't wait to watch the rest of this series."


"Highly recommended."


"Good. Fun. Lovely."


"A wild imaginative story with private detectives who have incredible powers. wit paper manipulation."


"I WANT MORE! Great characters, wonderful story tellling. What I've seen is just as good as the movie."


"Whoo! I'm in love and just waiting for Maggie to jump the author chick... [demo] Where's the Paper? I live for her. (yes, paper is just the coolest super power ever. Just like Saicho from FoR!"


"I like the character development and the imagive handling of action scenes. I felt the same about Read or Die but turned into conventional fantasy.action story. Hope it doesn't happen to this series."

Michael Eh?

"It's Read or Die times 3. Intersting tie-in that the author's favorite fan is The Paper. Each of the Three Sisters have their own personality quirks and methods of using their paper powers. The only thing I find is the 'paper' power cliche would run thin. After all the villians and other characters in RoD OVA were interesting. It should prove interesting how ths paper power plays out for 26 or so episodes."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2003
We had reviewed this show just after we had watched the original OVA Read or Die. It was a no brainer that we ended watching the entire series.

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