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Planet ES

Space the final frontier ... if it wasn't for all the junk floating up there.A collision of a single peice of debris causes a commercial shuttle with passengers to fall. It is up to a few brave men and women to make space safe for others.. so we are told. This is the story of one such group.


Alternative Names: Planet ES
Genre: Drama, Psychological, Science Fiction, Slice of Life
Adapted from the manga, PlanetES by Makoto Yukimura.



"Irresponsible Captain Taylor with a pink chewbacca instead of the tanuki. Very entertainig and orbital debris is SCARY!"


"Very interesting twist to a life of a garbage man."


"Hmmm... It's a nice art style and an original idea (I mean would write about garbage collectors?) and with nice grammatical subtitles ... all together very cute."


"Plot - pickup junk in space."


"interesting, odd, looks good, need to see more."


"A very funny & touching and successfull show which is a great anime version of 'Quark'"

Michael Eh?

"M.A.S.H. or Barney Miller in space. Odd mix of characters which seem almost in touch with their setting of basement storage of a space station. Characters clashing with each other makes it worth watching. However there seems to be no clear direction as do most 'work place' related dramas in general do. However it allows the writers to explore each episode as a seperate storyline without long term plot lines traping them to standard fare."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2004

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