Pani Poni Dash

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Pani Poni Dash

Rebecca Miyamoto. Born to an American Father and Japanese mother. The youngest student to graduate from M.I.T. returns to Japan to become a high school teacher. However she is only 11 years old.


Genre: Comedy, Parody, School Life, Slice of Life
Demographic: Shounen
Adapted from the manga, Pani Poni.



"This show is The Prime Example of why it's BAD to mix drugs."


"kinda busy"

Demonic Priestess

"No! No! No! Sephy-sama save ME!"


"A bunch of schoolgirls giggling shouting or crying. The only thing that could make worse is a talking rabbit. Therefore there is a talking rabbit. The only positive element is the presence of aliens and giant robots, allowing for at least the possibility of a happy ending (for the viewers) --- they blow up the Earth."

Michael Eh?

"No doubt the manga is very popular with many of the scribbles in the background. As part of the anime, these doodles animated, ends up being distracting and disturbing. Some translation of the blackboard messages might do better as subtitles with the dub when released. Still this show is part of current trend of highly gifted child in adult teaching jobs. The way these child-adults act, you wonder how in Heck they got through teaching school. However this series is meant for mindless entertainment, not fact. A least Excel Saga made sense at some time or another. Still this has some appeal, just to none of our members. As one person pointed out this appeals to 13-ish crowd."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2005

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